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Acne Treatments Columbus, Ohio

Acne treatments columbus ohio

An Acne Program That Finally Delivers Results & Answers

Achieving clear skin can feel exhausting. Products often offer promises but lack the necessary personalized approach to acne. And when left without an adequate solution, this condition may result in scarring, additional inflammation and undue damage to your self-esteem. To end the frustration, we have created a comprehensive acne treatment program that is truly tailored to your skin.

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The most common skin condition


*Per the American Academy of Dermatology

Nikki Rucinsky, acne treatment specialist

Meet Nikki: Your Acne Treatment Specialist

As a pillar of our medspa, Nikki is a certified Face Reality Skincare expert with a wealth of experience treating acne of all severities. She created this program to give patients the results they deserve and offer a more personal and delicate alternative to Accutane and other harsh treatments. Throughout your tailored experience, you will have direct communication with Nikki should you have any questions about the process.

A Glimpse Into What Your Plan May Include

  • 01

    In-Office Treatments Every 2 Weeks

    Chemical peels or hydrating enzyme treatments, depending on your progress

  • 02

    Personalized Dietary Considerations

    The ingredients you eat may also be the root cause of your inflammation

  • 03

    Environment & Lifestyle Changes

    What you surround yourself with can have a profound impact on your complexion

  • 04

    Specialized Product Regimens

    Medical-grade topical solutions made only with esthetician-vetted ingredients

  • 05

    Immersive Educational Resources

    Digital and hard copy instructions, ingredient lists and personalized weekly guides

close up of post-treatment skin

3 Months, Real Results & A Greater Understanding Of Your Skin

This isn’t a one-off treatment. This isn’t a miracle cream. This is a fully immersive and involved program designed to give you clearer skin by answering three simple questions:

  • What is causing this?
  • What can be done?
  • What is actually working?

A Closer Look At What You Can Expect

You will work one-on-one with our renowned esthetician Nikki Rucinsky to establish the blueprint for your success. Together, you’ll track your progress as the program evolves around your results. The products you use and your approach are likely to change as the weeks go on, creating an effective and sustainable routine that you can carry with you long into the future.

Bridging The Gap Between Beauty & Wellness

Unlike any other practice in the area, we uniquely have access to in-house functional wellness resources to determine if the source of your acne is rooted in hormones. We also offer additional nonsurgical treatments, like DiamondGlow and laser skin resurfacing, designed to undo the damage left behind by products that promised the world but couldn’t deliver.

Patient undergoing acne treatment
girl with acne on face rubs face tonic

Breakouts & Chronic Acne Are Not Your Fault

“Your blemishes are not a reflection of your worth or your values!”

Dealing with acne goes beyond managing the physical symptoms. It damages our confidence! It’s important to recognize that acne is not a result of personal shortcomings, but a common biological occurrence that arises from a complex interplay of factors including the food we eat and our environment.

And remember: The single greatest cause of acne is genetics, while hormones play a supporting role, especially during puberty, menstruation and other life changes.

young woman with closed eyes touching face with acne isolated on

What Causes Acne At An Anatomic Level?

At its core, acne is an inherited disorder located in the pores. The pores of a person with clearer skin typically shed one layer of dead skills once a day. Acne-prone pores will shed up to five layers a day, overwhelming the body. This creates microcomedone — also known as “early acne.”

Microcomedone will most likely turn into blackheads over the next 3 months. However, if bacteria is also present, this will trigger an inflammatory response as the bacterium will feed on the dead skin cells and oils, and this early acne will evolve into pustules and, in serious cases, cysts.

Acne Treatments

What Are The Different Types of Acne?

  • 01

    Cystic Acne

    Severe, deep, painful acne lesions that can lead to scarring and often require medical treatment

  • 02


    Inflamed, pus-filled bumps on the skin that may have a white or yellow center

  • 03


    Small red or pink raised bumps on the skin

  • 04

    Whiteheads (aka “closed comedones”)

    White bumps resulting from clogged pores where debris is trapped beneath the skin’s surface

  • 05

    Blackheads: (aka “open comedones”)

    Black bumps on the skin’s surface formed from clogged hair follicles with oxidized debris

We're Here To Address The Root Cause Of Your Acne — Once & For All

Navigating through this experience with patience, self-care and professional guidance can be instrumental in managing and understanding this oh-so-common skin condition. Our acne treatment program in Columbus, Ohio is designed to offer invaluable education, along with the products, treatments and personal level of care to deliver results and answers.

We invite you to schedule your initial skincare consultation with Nikki today!

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