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Natural-Looking Lip FILLER For A Beautiful, Fuller Appearance

Lips are often one of the most important features of the face. However, not everyone is born with naturally plump lips, and those who are can lose volume and shape over time. Lip filler is a popular treatment for those looking to add shape and volume to their lips. Our expert injectors are ready to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and make your lips your new favorite feature!


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What Is A Lip Augmentation?

The main purpose of a lip augmentation is to gain more voluminous, plump lips. In the field of plastic surgery, the word “augmentation” means an increase in volume, which is ultimately what lip filler helps us to achieve.

When you receive a lip filler treatment, your lips will become more noticeable and defined in terms of both size and projection, and the results are seen immediately. After, patients often their lips make them feel more confident, desirable and beautiful than before!

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Never Over-Done: Our Approach To Lip Injections

Our experts take an artful approach to fill the lips and restoring lost volume. We use precise injection techniques that enhance beauty while maintaining facial identity and elevating your face’s natural beauty. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to lip filler, which is why this customized approach to each patient’s anatomy is so important.

Building Subtle, Natural Volume

Enhancing the lips gradually is the most common technique that we employ. If you are looking to add significant volume, your treatment plan may involve more than one session. We may address adding the underlying structure of your lips first, and then employ a series of several different techniques to build the lips up over time. This gradual method results in very beautiful volume — lips that look natural and not “overdone.”

A common misconception about lip filler is that it invariably leads to artificial, “duck”-like, or inflated lips. While this look is achievable, the techniques used by an experienced injector can enhance and manipulate the natural shape of the lips without distorting your natural features.

What Our Providers Can Offer With Lip Fillers

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    Defined Lip Shape

    Lip filler isn’t just all about adding volume – the benefits of lip augmentation also include improving the lips’ shape, a look of hydration, balance and symmetry. Lips’ shapes can be modified to make certain features more pronounced, and one of our skillful injectors can help you create the lip shape you have always wanted. Lip filler can provide you with a fuller upper or lower lip, accentuate or soften the peaks of the cupid’s bow, correct uneven lips, line the outside border of the lips for greater definition, fix drooping corners and so much more!

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    Restored Volume

    Restoring lost volume to more mature lips is also possible by using lip filler. Lips tend to be one of the first areas to lose their youthful fullness as skin loses elasticity and moisture. Through the aging process, the body naturally produces less hyaluronic acid (which binds to moisture), causing lips to gradually look more deflated and less hydrated. This can create a dry, thin, “smokers line”-type appearance. Filler can help to correct this by restoring the volume that was lost and filling in vertical lip lines surrounding the lips, returning lips to a more youthful, hydrated state.

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    Improved Facial Balance

    Our trained lip filler providers can actually give an overall more cohesive look to the face by creating a more flattering lip shape and proportion. This is where facial balance comes into play; and why your injector will pay special attention to your lips’ relation to your other features, such as the chin, jawline, nose, eyes, and shape of the face. It’s not just about making your lips look beautiful; it is also about how changes made to your lips will enhance or detract from other features of your face. One of the best benefits of lip injections? The added lipstick real estate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost any individual who wishes to enhance the look and shape of their lips can find themselves as a candidate for lip augmentation. Whether you are intending to restore lost volume or make your lips more noticeable, lip filler is a popular option because it is versatile and accessible.

The ideal candidate is in overall good health, has a clear understanding of the procedure and holds realistic expectations for their results.

The Importance Of The Initial Consultation

Prior to scheduling, candidates for treatment must have a consultation with one of our aesthetic injectors to discuss their goals and expectations, which can occur on the same day of treatment. Some patients with sensitivities to lidocaine, diseases, infections or bleeding disorders may not be good candidates for filler. Please inform your injector of any conditions you may have during your consultation to ensure you are a candidate.

The average cost for a single syringe of filler can range from $700 – $900. During your consultation appointment, the exact cost of your treatment will be determined.

Immediately after your treatment, your injector will provide you with a complimentary iced compress to alleviate any discomfort. Aftercare is usually minimal and typically involves icing to reduce post-injection swelling.

Additionally, at-home aftercare also includes

  • Use an ice pack or cool compress intermittently to keep swelling at bay
  • Limit sun exposure and drink plenty of water in the days following treatment
  • Arnica gel (available for purchase in the office) can also be applied to your lips to reduce the potential for swelling and bruising, or arnica tablets can be taken by mouth to the same effect

Generally, lip augmentation is a procedure with minimal risk. However, “low risk” does not mean “no risk,” which is why the medical professionals at Donaldson Plastic Surgery are committed to providing all procedures in safe environment, and prioritizing patient safety above all else.

The most common (and normal) side effects include:

  • Short-term bruising
  • Swelling
  • Minor lumps and bumps
  • Discomfort at & around the injection site

This is your body’s natural inflammatory response at work, and the effects will typically subside within a week. Lumps and bumps in the lips will smooth out naturally over the course of a couple of weeks. It is possible that these symptoms may persist longer, or that redness, tenderness, and bleeding may occur. In certain individuals, inflammation after treatment may trigger the appearance of site-specific cold sores or rashes.

Other, less common, possible side effects include more serious complications related to vascular occlusion or infection.

You’ve scheduled your lip filler appointment! Now, what? You can prepare for your consultation by researching the steps for treatment and recovery, and by getting a clear vision of the results you would like. We recommend you gather any questions you have about treatment, and photos of the kind of lips you like to show your injector at your consultation.

In the days leading up to your procedure, drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and ready to receive the treatment. Discontinue taking aspirin, ibuprofen, multivitamins, fish oil, and vitamin E supplements 3 days before your appointment, as they can act as a blood thinner which may contribute to your potential for bruising.

Finally, prepare to give yourself downtime — if discretion is important to you, prepare to keep in-person interactions to a minimum for a few days to a week following your appointment. After your immediate swelling and bruising subside, your friends and family will be thrilled to see your gorgeous results!

The answer to this question: only if you want to! Before coming in for a follow-up appointment, we ask patients to wait a full two weeks for the swelling to subside. At that point, touch-ups, tweaks, and adjustments can be made to make your filler exactly how you would like it. If you are happy with your treatment, no follow-up is necessary!

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the outcome, please call our office to discuss. Filler can be adjusted, or simply and safely dissolved using hyaluronidase. We ask you to wait two weeks before seeking these options.

The amount of filler used largely depends on an individual’s lip anatomy and goals. However, it is typical to receive at least one 1 ml syringe of filler during your lip augmentation for a subtle, yet impactful, enhancement. This amount may not seem like much product (equivalent to a teaspoon), but proper placement and distribution is an equally important factor that gives the lips a fuller shape and appearance.

Depending on your desire for greater volume, two or three syringes may be more appropriate for you — this can either be performed in a single visit or over the course of multiple visits, based on the recommendation of your injector. Realistically, more dramatic results from lip filler (as popular on Instagram) are achieved with the use of multiple syringes, built up over a period of time.

Lip filler lasts anywhere from 8 months to a year, on average. Fillers are not permanent and are naturally dissolved over time. The filler’s longevity will vary from person to person, and will largely be impacted by two main factors: the type of filler used, and the area the filler is placed. In areas of frequent movement like the lips, the filler has a higher likelihood of breaking down quickly.

People with higher metabolic rates may also see a shorter lifespan for their filler, due to their body’s tendency to break down substances more quickly. You may find yourself ready for another treatment before your filler is completely gone in order to maintain the best results.

The type of filler used for your lip augmentation is best left up to your injector. We use high-grade, hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers for lip augmentation. HA is a naturally occurring, clear, gel-like substance that keeps skin looking hydrated and healthy, and is also the base for most dermal fillers. When placed by an experienced injector, they move dynamically with the face, and look and feel completely natural!

Different types of fillers are used to achieve different things. Typically, the best fillers for the lips are soft to the touch; Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Ultra, RHA 2, RHA 3, Redensity lip line filler or Restylane are ideal for lip enhancement because they can add significant volume, but are flexible enough to mimic natural lip tissue. Your injector will discuss the benefits of each type with you, and they will use their expertise to determine which filler is best to achieve your lips’ best look and shape.

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